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Kripalu Yoga Dance

Yoga Dance (YD)? What is it? Is it for me?

YD is for everyone. You do not need to know Yoga or how to dance. Really? Really. YD is a creative combination of movements, breathing, and self-expressive dance. You do not need any experience in either yoga or dance to benefit, learn, or enjoy it, for YD truly is for everyone of any age or ability. YD is a fun way to love and to care for you body, and to express and celebrate your spirit. It is the fun, creative, and experiential workout that beckons you to move freely, joyfully, and playfully. Wonderful and evocative music from around the world will free your inner-self to come out and play. Come prepared for an hour long Yoga Dance experience full of movement and joy.

Fit girl bending backwards in a wheat field.