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  • 1 Person (includes biomat)
    • Single Session: $70
    • Five Sessions: $250
  • 2 People
    • Single Session: $100 (for 2 people)
    • Five Sessions: $400 (for 2 people)
  • 3 or More People
    • $35/person


During holotropic breathwork, participants breathe rapidly and evenly to induce an altered state from which it is believed that a deeper understanding of oneself can be derived. Some describe this experience as a more intense form of meditation.

Participants who have experienced holotropic breathwork report that therapeutic benefits can include healing anxiety and depression, release of trauma, opening to compassion, courage, and love, and connection to expanded states of consciousness, and the spiritual realm

Tasiana has received her Breathe Breathwork certification through Jon Paul Crimi


The Biomat is available only during sessions with one person.

Here are the potential benfits of Biomats:

  • reduces generalized and local inflammation
  • relieves joint pain and stiffness
  • relieves acute and chronic pain
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • rejuvenates energy
  • improves sleep patterns
  • assists in detoxification
  • increases circulation


Breathwork can result in intense physical and emotional release. Therefore, it is not advised for persons with a history of cardiovascular disease, including angina or heart attack, high blood pressure, glaucoma, retinal detachment, osteoporosis, significant recent physical injuries, or surgery.

Always consult your doctor before engaging in this practice especially if you have any concerns or if you have any of the above related issues.


For many years I strived for spiritual and emotional growth to gain freedom from internal restrictions and blockage resulting from childhood trauma. I lived in a self-constructed prison, built with the only tools I had as a child, but that no longer served me well. Although growth has come from a combination of various tools, principles, and disciplines, nothing has jolted my psyche like breath work. It has been a wonderful, worthwhile, and liberating endeavor. It is not for the faint of heart, but worth the work. I have been a different person after every session in a nonspecific, but very real way. I am extremely grateful for the spiritual growth and psychic shift gained from this work.
Lawrence G.