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Classes: General Schedule and Pricing

New Student Package: 30 Days for $30

Donation Events

  • donation events are cancelled for now

Upcoming Holidays

  • International Tabletop Day (Sat, Jun 6)
  • Fathers Day (Sun, Jun 21)
  • Summer Solstice
    (Sat, Jun 20 @ 4:43pm)

Meet and Greet?

For those of you who are Yoga curious, or who may feel shy, or may just have questions that you would like to have answered we can arrange for a ~20 minute meeting with one of our instructors. The most convenient times for us would be just following one of our classes. If you would like to schedule a Meet and Greet for a different time that can be arranged as well. To schedule a Meet and Greet just contact us.

Online Classes

Most of our classes will be held online through Zoom until this pandemic has passed.

Outside Classes

This class will be held outside at a specific location, currently arranged to be lower Ochsner's Park near the bridge, weather permitting, otherwise the class will be held online through Zoom just like it is now.

To verify the location where this class will be held (either online or in person somewhere) please contact us or check our Facebook page for more information.

We will try to make the decision about weather an hour before the class starts.

Our YouTube Channel

You should also take a look at the YouTube channel which currently quite a few videos, with more coming out each month.

Check it out: It's All About You on YouTube

Class Schedule