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Helping you live calmer, happier, and healthier!

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New Student Deal!!

30 days for $30

30 days of unlimited classes for $30 so you can come on in and find the classes that work for you.

New Student Sign-up

New Student Deal: 30 days of unlimited classes for $30

→    Step-by-Step New Student Sign-up Process    ←

Note: For those of you who do not have a computer at home we have a two computers at the studio so you will be able to add yourself to our system. We will also still accept cash and checks.

Is Yoga For Me?

If you came here curious and wondering if Yoga is for you. It is! Yoga is for everyone of every age, and of every frame and shape: dancer, football player, mom, martial artist, secretary, brother, teenager, grandfather.... It does not matter who you are. Yoga has something to offer everyone.

If that does not convince you please check out some Testimonials or our Photo Gallery, or a few articles about us in the newspaper.

Our new student package is 30 Days for $30, so you have nothing to lose by giving this life changing practice a try. =) We look forward to seeing you in class!

Upcoming Workshops

Website Survey

After you have spent some time perusing our website please take a moment to fill out a 12 question survey and tell us what you think.

Team Member Feedback Form

Feel free to use our IAAY Team Member Feeback Form to post your comments, thoughts and/or thanks on our team members. Please take the time if you feel so inclined to let us know you thoughts.

IAAY in the News

Here is a link articles about us:


Selling IAAY Products!

We are now selling the following in the studio:

  • various essential oil sprays ($12)
  • mats ($45)
  • blocks ($17)
  • straps ($12)

Expresso Yourself Paint Parties

Twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Friday nights of the month at 7pm @ the Vintage Port we are going to hold painting parties called "Expresso Yourself". Come to relax and unwind at the end of working week with a glass of wine from Taffy and then dance and play in the world of colors with me as I lead you through a 2-hour painting class.

See the Expresso Yourself Facebook page for updates and more info.

Meet and Greets

For those of you who are Yoga curious, or who may feel shy, or may just have questions that you would like to have answered we can arrange for a ~20 minute meeting with one of our instructors. The most convenient times for us would be just following one of our classes. If you would like to schedule a Meet and Greet for a different time that can be arranged as well. To schedule a Meet and Greet just contact us.


  • Thu, July 4 Evening classes area canceled for Independence Day
  • Tue, Aug 13 Evening classes cancelled

Teacher Changes

Suzy's Last Week of Teaching - May

The end of May will be Suzy's last week of teaching with us, although we hope she will still be around to help to sub for classes if needed like she will in the second weekend of June!

So, stop by her 3 remaining classes to give her a great send off. Here are her 3 last classes next week:

  • Tue - Early Bird Yoga @ 6:00am
  • Wed - Gentle Flow @ 5:30pm
  • Thu - Early Bird Yoga @ 6:00am

New Teacher in June - Olga Maslova

If you remember Ethan from a year or two ago, then you will be happy to know that Olga is his wife and she will start teaching will us starting with the first week in June.

She will be teaching 2 new classes on Wednesday evenings:

  • Beginners @ 5:30pm
  • Yoga Nidra @ 6:45pm

Her classes for the first 2 weeks of June will be free for all to attend so you check out her style and her classes.

To learn more about Olga check out her instrucor profile.

Teacher Substitutions

Suzy will be sub'bing for Tatsiana on:

  • Fri, June 7
  • Sat, Jun 8

... while Tatsiana attends some more Yoga Teacher Training classes in Madison!

Summer is Coming!

Summer is Coming! And we all know what that means, right?!? The return of Sunrise Yoga @ Devil's Lake!!

Tatsiana will be teaching a Beginners Yoga class @ Devil's Lake on the North Shore @ 6:30am on Mondays and Fridays!

There will be 3 4-week sessions: (Jun, Jul, Aug). You may sign up for each session in one of three ways:

  • 4 classes for $36
  • 8 classes for $56
  • Drop-in for $12

Donation Events

We have the following donation events scheduled for the next few months and 100% of proceeds go to charity:

  • Sun, June 2 @ 10am -> The Kids Ranch
  • Fri, Jun 21 @ 6:45pm->The Kids Ranch; 108 Sun Salutations for Summer Solstice
  • Sun, Jul 21 @ 10am -> Baraboo Boys and Girls Club
  • Sun, Aug 25 @ 10am ->Baraboo Boys and Girls Club

Upcoming Holidays

Here is our holiday list for 2019 and our list of upcoming holidays for the next few months. Let us know if something looks strange:

  • Memorial Day (Mon, May 27) - evening classes cancelled
  • Father's Day (Sat, Jun 16) - all men have free classes
  • Summer Solstice (Fri, Jun 21) - 108 Sun Saluatations @ 6:45pm
  • Independence Day (Thu, Jul 4) - evening classes canceled