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Welcome to It's All About You, yoga and more ...

Helping you live calmer, happier, and healthier!

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In-Person Classes

We have a few in-person classes.
Just check the schedule for those classes which are labeled as external.

More in-person classes are coming as we slowly open up.

Online Classes

Classes Through Zoom

Currently, all of our classes are online until this pandemic has safely passed. We have updated our schedule with online classes through Zoom. Look for classes on our schedule whose name ends in (online) and whose location is online too (which should be all of the classes).

Please, carefully read our online classes page for more information on how to signup and participate in these classes during this transitional stage. If you would like some help then contact us.

YouTube Channel

You should also take a look at our YouTube channel we created which has quite a few videos on it with new videos being added each month, so you can safely get your yoga fix whenever and wherever you want. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and share us too.

Credit and Debit Card or ACH Online Only: 

As a side affect of closing our studio space we will NOT be accepting cash or checks for now until we open the studio space again. All payments for classes will have to be done with credit card, debit card, or ACH through your Mindbody Online (MBO) account. If you need to add your credit card of checking account information you can log into your account and add it there.

You can log into your MBO account from our website's login button, when you sign up for a class, or here is a link to the sign-in form. If you need a new password you can click on 'Need a new password?' at the bottom of the main sign in form. 

Take Care of Yourself

We realize that the next few months are going to be rough for everyone, so please just take the time to take care of yourself. Use caution and be safe:

  • Social distance and wear a mask.
  • Wash your hands often and don't touch your face.
  • If you are coughing, sniffling, or anything indicative of not being in perfect health then please stay home and keep safe, and then call the doctor to make sure that you and your friends and family are safe.

Stay well,

New Student Deal!!

30 days for $30

30 days of unlimited general classes for $30 so you can come on in and find the classes that work for you.

New Student Sign-up

→    Step-by-Step New Student Sign-up Process    ←

Note: For those of you who do not have a computer at home we have a two computers at the studio so you will be able to add yourself to our system. We will also still accept cash and checks.

Is Yoga For Me?

If you came here curious and wondering if Yoga is for you. It is! Yoga is for everyone of every age, and of every frame and shape: dancer, football player, mom, martial artist, secretary, brother, teenager, grandfather.... It does not matter who you are. Yoga has something to offer everyone.

If that does not convince you please check out some Testimonials or our Photo Gallery, or a few articles about us in the newspaper.

Our new student package is 30 Days for $30, so you have nothing to lose by giving this life changing practice a try. =) We look forward to seeing you in class!


Website Survey

After you have spent some time perusing our website please take a moment to fill out a 12 question survey and tell us what you think.

Team Member Feedback Form

Feel free to use our IAAY Team Member Feeback Form to post your comments, thoughts and/or thanks on our team members. Please take the time if you feel so inclined to let us know you thoughts.

IAAY in the News

Here is a link articles about us:


Sunrise Yoga Sessions @ Devil's Lake Coming

Sunrise Yoga classes @ Devil's Lake:

  • run through June, July, and August from 6:30 - 7:30am on the following days:
    • Mon (Tatsiana)
    • Wed (Olga)
    • Fri (Tatsiana)
  • costs will be 1 month long packages (or a Drop-in)
    • 4 classes (per month) @ $40
    • 8 classes (per month) @ $72
    • 12 classes (per month) @ $96
    • Drop-in @ $14

Selling IAAY Products!

We are now selling the following in the studio:

  • various essential oil sprays ($12)
  • mats ($45)
  • blocks ($17)
  • straps ($12)

Meet and Greets

For those of you who are Yoga curious, or who may feel shy, or may just have questions that you would like to have answered we can arrange for a ~20 minute meeting with one of our instructors. The most convenient times for us would be just following one of our classes. If you would like to schedule a Meet and Greet for a different time that can be arranged as well. To schedule a Meet and Greet just contact us.